Austin Area Toll Roads

Hovw to Pay

How to Pay

TxTag makes paying tolls on Central Texas toll roads simple and fast. There's no stopping or slowing down to pay, no waiting in line at a toll booth and no searching for change. Devices above the toll road send a signal to the microchip inside the electronic TxTag sticker on your windshield, and the toll is automatically deducted from your prepaid TxTag account. Plus, drivers with a TxTag save 25% on tolls in Central Texas.

TxTag is accepted on toll roads statewide. You can get your TxTag online or by phone at 1-888-468-9824.

The Dallas/Fort Worth area TollTag and Houston EZ TAG are also accepted on Austin area toll roads.

No toll tag? No problem. Drivers without a toll tag will receive a bill in the mail. There’s no need to prepay or register. Cameras above the toll lanes will photograph the license plate, and a monthly bill for toll charges will be mailed to the address listed with the Department of Motor Vehicle. We call it "Pay By Mail."

The Pay By Mail toll rates are one-third more than TxTag rates to offset the costs related to processing the license plate information. Also, a $1.15 fee is applied to each monthly bill for non-tag customers.