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Texas Tollways supports TxDOT's efforts to:

  • Maintain a safe system
  • Address congestion
  • Connect Texas communities
  • Become a best-in-class state agency

How To Pay Tolls

Twenty-first century technology makes paying tolls fast, simple and convenient. With a TxTag on their windshield, drivers on Texas Tollways can pay their tolls electronically – without having to slow down, search for change, or stop at a toll booth. Electronic toll collection also results in lower toll road operating costs.

Drivers on Texas Tollways also have the option to pay a monthly bill for their toll charges through the Pay By Mail program.


TxTag customers always pay the lowest rates on toll roads throughout Texas. The tag is a state-of-the-art electronic sticker that goes on the inside of a driver's windshield behind the rearview mirror and is slightly smaller than a vehicle registration sticker. Devices above the toll lanes send a signal to the microchip inside the tag, and toll charges are automatically deducted from a prepaid toll account. All a driver needs to do is keep enough money in his or her account to cover the cost of tolls.

With a payment method called AutoPay, drivers never have to wonder if there is enough money in their toll accounts. AutoPay links the driver's TxTag account to a credit card to automatically add money when the TxTag account drops to a pre-set low balance amount.

Opening a TxTag account is simple. Go online to or call the TxTag Customer Service Center at 1-888-GoTxTag (1-888-468-9824) for more information. TxTag customers can also use the TxTag website to check their account balance, add money to their account and view transactions. The TxTag License and Use Agreement has been revised and can be viewed on the TxTag website.

Toll roads throughout Texas accept TxTag. As long as you have sufficient funds in your TxTag account, you may use TxTag on most toll roads in Texas. The Dallas-area TollTag and Houston-area EZ TAG are also accepted on Texas Tollways.

Pay By Mail

Toll roads in Austin, Tyler and Dallas were among the first in the United States to allow drivers to pay their tolls by mail. Thanks to an innovative billing system, drivers without an electronic toll tag may receive a monthly bill when they use Texas Tollways. There's no need to prepay or register.

The convenient Pay By Mail option eliminates the need to stop at toll booths or dig for change. Devices above the toll lanes photograph the license plate of any vehicle without a toll tag, and the owner of the vehicle receives the monthly bill. Toll rates for people who pay by mail are one-third more than for drivers with toll tags to offset the costs related to processing license plate information. Bills include an added $1.15 statement fee.

While paying by mail costs more, it makes it easy and convenient for anyone to use the new toll roads, whether or not they have a prepaid toll account.