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Texas Tollways supports TxDOT's efforts to:

  • Maintain a safe system
  • Address congestion
  • Connect Texas communities
  • Become a best-in-class state agency

Toll Roads in Texas

Drive in any major Texas city during morning or afternoon rush hour and you know the situation. Our highways are like parking lots. When it comes to roads, drivers need a choice to get them out of congestion and gridlock. The Texas Department of Transportation and local officials have a solution to get roads built quicker: Texas Tollways, a modern network of toll roads and express toll lanes that can reduce traffic jams and get Texans moving.

The construction of toll roads is not new to Texas. Dallas and Houston have had toll roads for many years. What is new in recent years is the opening of all-electronic toll roads and toll lanes. These high tech roads keep traffic moving faster and have lower operating costs than traditional toll roads with cash booths. Since 2006, TxDOT has opened new toll roads in Central Texas, Tyler and the Houston area and converted a toll road near Laredo to all-electronic tolling.

See for yourself how these roads work and how they are keeping Texans moving.

Click on the interactive map below to learn more about toll projects across Texas.